Ticket migration to new Support portal

When we moved over to the new Support portal, we have migrated as much from the existing tickets as possible.

A few important notes :

1. Ticket states  

There are less tickets states than in the previous tool: we have migrated all the previous states. 

There is a new field that contains the status of tickets that are in the backlog of R&D.

Status -old  Status -new R&D status (new field) 
New New  
Assigned Open  
Accepted Open   
Waiting for assessment Open  
Work in progress Open  
Pending Customer Information Pending  
Planned for release On-hold Planned for release 
Nominated for release On-hold  Nominated for release 
Scheduled for backlog (<6mnths) On-hold  Scheduled for backlog (<6mnths)
Scheduled for backlog (>6mnths) On-hold  Not yet planned for release 
Expected release (<6 Months) On-hold  Scheduled for backlog (<6mnths)
Not yet planned for release  On-hold  Not yet planned for release 
Solved Solved  
Solved Pending follow-up Solved  
Closed  Closed  
Cancelled Closed  
Cancelled by Mendix Closed  
Cancelled by requester Closed   


2. Ticket correspondence 

Both mails and notes from the previous tool have been migrated into notes in the new tool. 

3. Attachtments 

Attachments have not been migrated. Mendix Support has full access of the previous tool and the attachments and can update a ticket with the relevant attachments. 

4. Affected App 

The affected app of a ticket has not been migrated. After the initial load tickets do not have an affected app attached to them. This can be done by both the ticket requester and Mendix Support whenever relevant, but is not necessary. New tickets always require an affected app. 

5. Feature requests 

Feature requests have not been migrated, since they will not be handled through the support portal anymore. Existing feature requests are known and taken into account by our product managers. If you would like extra attention for requests you can submit them in our Idea forum.   

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