How to select the correct priority for a ticket


After completing this how-to you will know:

  • Select the correct priority based on impact and urgency of the issue 

1. Priority 

The Priority Levels are determined based on Impact and Urgency.


  1. High: A high priority production issue with a high impact on the customer’s business, impacting (almost) all users
  2. Medium: A production issue with intermediate impact on the customer’s business, impacting a group of users
  3. Low: A trivial production issue with no impact on the customer’s business.


  1. High: The operational functionality is severely disrupted.
  2. Medium: The operational functionality is limited disrupted
  3. Low: The operational functionality is hardly disrupted.


Priority Levels        


  High Medium Low
High Critical High Medium
Medium High Medium Low
Low Medium Low Low

If Mendix provides a workaround the Priority can never be higher than Medium.

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