What to expect as technical contact


After completing this how-to you will know:

  • The definition of a Technical Contact
  • What to expect as a Technical Contact

1. Preparation

Before you can be a technical contact, please make sure you have completed the following prerequisites.


2. What is a technical contact?

The person responsible for the Mendix application on a technical level. 

3. Who will be the technical contact?

A Mendix application will always be set up and delivered with a technical contact connected to it. The assignment of the contact takes place when the order is signed. The technical contact requires a MendixID before Mendix can deliver the app. (See section above). 

4. What can I expect as a technical contact?

 This depends on the type of hosting for your app: On-Premises or Mendix Cloud.

On-Premises (Mendix app runs on own infrastructure)

  • Managing licenses (renewals/activation/upgrades)
    • Activating licenses by generating new license keys at licences.mendix.com, and activating them in your app.
    • Mendix will send license renewal notifications to the technical contact via licenses.mendix.com.
  • If the technical contact would like to expand the license (e.g. more users), they need to contact their Account Executive.

You can create tickets through support.mendix.com for questions, changes and incidents.

Mendix Cloud

First point of contact for the app

  • You will receive notifications for maintenance from Mendix Support
  • You will be able to receive alerts from the Mendix application when problems arise (CPU Load is high/Running out of disk space). You can configure the alerting in the monitoring tab of the node.
  • You will be the contact for the business if problems arise (e.g. app is down).

 Managing the Mendix application in the MendixCloud (cloud.mendix.com)

Deployment of model, stopping/starting the app, monitoring the app, connecting project to node, checking logfiles, managing the access rights of team members, and more.

The technical contact can also provide access rights for project members so they can also perform the above displayed tasks.

Licenses (renewals/activation/upgrades)

  • Mendix is responsible for MendixCloud app renewals.
  • If you want to expand the license, you need to contact their Account Executive.


5. Can we change the technical contact?

Yes, the technical contact can be changed in the MendixCloud


6. Can we have more than one technical contact?

Currently it’s not possible to select more than one contact in the Mendix Cloud.

For On-Premises it is possible to select more than one contact. You can do this via licenses.mendix.com.

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