How to connect a different project to a node

How to connect a different project to a node

This how-to describes how to connect a different project to your licensed node so that you can deploy a different app.


After completing this how-to you will know:

  • How to connect a different project to your node which already has a connected project
  • How to exchange projects between two nodes


1. Preparation

Before you can start with this how-to, please make sure you have completed the following prerequisites.

  • Project is a teamserver project. In here you can see how to create a collaboration project.

Upload to Team Server

In case you have created a project in the modeler, then you can upload this to the teamserver (see Upload To Team Server Dialog) and a repository will be created automatically.

  • No sandbox is connected to your project. (Every teamserver project is connected to a sandboxautomatically).

Delete Sandbox

You can create a ticket to delete your sandbox on our Support Portal. You can choose the template‘Delete Sandbox’.


2. Connecting a project to a cloud node

  •  In here you can see how to connect a project to a cloud node.


3. Connecting a different project to the node

  1. In the Dev Center, go to 'Projects' and select the project you want to connect to the node 

  2. Once you are in the project, go to the 'Deploy' tab.

  3. In case your project isn’t linked to a sandbox anymore you should be able to see the blue button‘Select Node’ and click on it.

  4. Select the correct node by clicking on 'Use this Node' button and connect it to your project to deploy your app. The current connected project will be disconnected automatically.

4. Exchange connected projects between nodes

In case you want to exchange two projects with nodes who are already connected, you can create a newproject and follow chapters 1 to 3 of this document.

Example: Project exchange between nodes

Project A → Node 1
Project B → Node 2

  1. To be able to connect project A to Node 2, you have to create a new empty project C (seeChapter 1).
  2. And to connect this to Node 1 (see Chapter 2). 
  3. Project A will be released from Node 1 and can be connected to Node 2 (see Chapter 3).
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