How to submit a ticket - quick reference for endusers

Start Page

The new portal can be reached on and the following start page will be shown.


From this start page it is easy to link to all important pages:

  • Knowledge Base (
  • Release notes
  • Community Forum (
  • App Store (
  • Platform Status (
  • Cloud Portal (

The search option searches the knowledge base for relevant articles and the most important articles (FAQ and Knowledge Base) can be chosen directly.


Submit new request

If you are not able to find the answer to a question on forum or knowledge base, you can submit a request. The portal will walk you through the ticket and ask for relevant info based on the type of the issue. So this is the first thing you can select.

Once you have selected the issue, the portal will guide you through the fields that need to be filled in to complete the request on that type of issue.

Some fields always need to be filled in. The most important one is the affected app. You can choose from all apps that you have access to, based on your Sprintr authorization. Besides the apps there is always a default company account that you can use to submit general tickets. 

Other fields only appear in certain requests, like the example below.

When entering the subject of the request, the portal makes real time suggestions on relevant articles for you to check before you submit the request.



If that does not work out, you can submit the ticket.

You can enter the priority that you feel the ticket should have. Please note the SLA regulations for this priority, which can be checked online as well.

The priority is based on the combination of impact and urgency.


  • High: A high priority production issue with a high impact on the customer’s business, impacting (almost) all users
  • Medium: A production issue with intermediate impact on the customer’s business, impacting a group of users
  • Low: A trivial production issue with no impact on the customer’s business.


  • High: The operational functionality is severely disrupted.
  • Medium: The operational functionality is limited disrupted
  • Low: The operational functionality is hardly disrupted.

You can set the priority to:

  • Critical
  • High
  • Medium
  • Low

The priority follows from the following matrix.

You can add large attachments, such as project files to the ticket. Please note, that Mendix advises not to attach any file that contain personal identifiable data, credit card data or other sensitive data.

The portal will summarize your submitted request.


Overview of requests

By selecting your name on the top right hand side, you can select My activities and see all requests that you have submitted and all request that have been submitted on the apps that you have access to.


When you Follow a specific app, you will be informed on all changes on requests on that specific app.

Viewing and updating tickets 

From the overview you can easily open a specific ticket or you can search a ticket by using the Search Requests option. Once you have opened the ticket you can add comments to the ticket assignee or add new attachments.

The ticket can have the following statuses:

  • Open : ticket is wit Support department
  • Pending : ticket is awaiting your reply
    You will receive one reminder email before the portal automatically closes the ticket. If you reply the ticket will be automatically set to Open again.
  • On-hold : ticket is forwarded to our second-line support
    You will be informed on the R&D status and planned version once we receive response from our second-line.
  • Solved : ticket has been solved
    If you reply the ticket will be automatically opened again.
    You can close the ticket yourself by checking the box Please consider this request solved
    The ticket will closed for comments automatically after a set number of days. You can then submit a follow-up ticket.


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